COCIMAR celebrates its 60th anniversary

15 January 2016

Cocimar make a commemorative activity, on January 15, to celebrate its 60th anniversary, which was headed by the president of the company: Mario Penzo. He started an official Mass and a subsequent event with the management team, customers and employees where Mario Penzo gave a speech about the founding and history of Cocimar.


"The first president of Cocimar was the engineer Pedro Pablo Bonilla, who in turn was also the major shareholder. Since my father, Mario Penzo, had been professor of Samuel Conde and Manuel Campos, and added this to their knowledge of Civil Engineering, became president of the company from 1957 to the date of his departure in 2003 " he said in his speech.


Penzo Pichardo listed several works built by Cocimar in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, he called stellar buildings, highlighting works in the Dominican Republic such as the port of Haina , hydroelectric Las Damas, Valdesia, Aniana Taveras and Vargas; the spring Itabo plant fertilizer Fersán, bridges and President Juan Bosch trunks; Central Plaza and thermoelectric Mitsubisi San Pedro de Macoris.


He noted that the first work of the company was dismantling the bridge Ulises Heureaux.


He also reported that the entrepreneurs of Cocimar were Miguel Hernandez, Manuel Campos, Mario Penzo, Samuel Conde, Pedro P. Bonilla, Eveline Libis Hernandez, Lea Penzo Pichardo, Maria L. Arenas de Conde and Olga Bonilla Dominici, professionals in engineering and architecture.